On this page, you’ll find many links to alternative cancer treatments. You’ll also find an email from a leading alternative treatment doctor who recommended some products for my grandfather. A great place to start is with Webster Kehr’s most excellent and practical website: www.cancertutor.org.


On February 24, 2010, my grandpa, Paul Zhang, was diagnosed with unresectable Adenocarcinoma on the head of the pancreas, also known as pancreatic cancer, as per endoscopic ultrasound and fine needle aspiration biopsy. The doctor prescribed palliative chemotherapy. But he and my family thought that there had to be another solution.

Through a diet change, exercise, and dozens of natural supplements, and treatment at the Orange County Immune Institute, his body destroyed the four-centimeter tumor and he was cured of cancer on June 17, 2010.

My Grandpa has signed a written testimony, found here.

There is a copy of his video testimony here.

Below are some resources for you to use:


Treatment plan prescribed by Dr. Howenstine:

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Dear Aimay,

Here are the articles. Our warehouse phone number is 1-800-416-2806 and the website is www.mynaturalhealthteam.

Products that would be valuable for pancreatic cancer include:

1. Lifeone one ounce three times daily after each meal for 1 month. The dose is then reduced to one half ounce three times daily after each meal for 11 months.

2. Vitamin D 1000 I.U. capsules Take 2 at bedtime, two capsules 2 hours after breakfast and one capsule two hours the noon meal

3. BAM( Beyond Any Multiple) Take one before each meal 3 daily.

4. Milk Thistle Take one four times daily.Improves Liver Function

5. Vitalzym Take 2 capsules 45 minutes after breakfast,one capsule 45 minutes after lunch and 2 capsules at bedtime This will help digest dead cancer cells and prevent blood clots by dissolving fibrin deposits.

6. Buy Whey Isolate is best form but ordinary whey is OK. Dissolve 25 grams of powder in water or fresh juice.

7. Prill beads for drinking water Obtain from warehouse.
He should stay active physically walking, swimming and light weight lifting if he can tolerate this.

God bless you and your family,

Dr. Jim

Dr. James Howenstine
To order products visit www.mynaturalhealthteam.com
or call 1-800-416-2806
Outside USA use 1-985-237-9161

The clinic Paul Zhang spent one month at for treatment:


This treatment was under the direction of Dr. Ferre (MD), who is a specialist in the immune system. We are very grateful to her for her role in saving Paul’s life!

Orange County Immune Institute
Huntington Beach, California

18800 Delaware St., 9th Floor
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
714-842-1777 | Fax 714-375-4670

Website: http://www.drferre.com/


Here are additional resources we used:





Cancer- Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger


Cancer-Free Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson


World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin


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